Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sanskrit Primer app is now available!

My Sanskrit Primer app is now available on the app store.

App link

This app aims to not only provide a “teach yourself” type guide to basic Sanskrit but also server as a handy pocket reference.

- Assumes no prior exposure to the language
- Detailed coverage of the Devanagari script (which is also used by other languages such as Hindi, Marathi, etc)
- Grammatical concepts are illustrated using numerous examples
- Extensive listing of verb and noun inflection tables and vocabulary that can serve as a handy reference
- Over 100 simple conversational sentences included
- Audio clips that serve as a pronunciation guide for all the words and sentences
- Additional topics planned for future releases
- Easy navigation using familiar touch interactions
- Fully functional in offline mode as well

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages and is regarded as the language of the Gods. Sanskrit is the language used for a large corpus of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religious texts. Sanskrit literature encompasses a large and rich tradition of poetry, drama, scientific and philosophical works. While translations are available for most of these texts, it is most satisfying to obtain this knowledge directly from the primary sources.

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